Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving/Shelby's wedding!

I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone! Life is going by way to fast. For Thanksgiving Eric and I went to Southern California and it was amazing. I love love love California and realize how much I miss it when I leave. Hopefully Eric and I will end up living their one day. I could not believe how big the dogs have gotten! They are still soo cute and Eric really enjoyed playing with them again. I loved seeing them again too but I have to say I love the puppy stage. I keep trying to get Eric to get a cat but since he's allergic I don't think it will happen ever. Oh well!

One of the highlights of my Thanksgiving week was one of my very good friends got married. I flew up to Northern California on the Friday after Thanksgiving and flew back to Utah on Sunday. It was a really short trip but it was so awesome to be back in Roseville and to be there for her. She looked gorgeous and I was so excited to be her maid of honor. Shelby really married a great guy! I met him the night before they got married but in the short time of seeing them together I could tell how much they loved each other. It was so fun to have it be all of us girls again. The whole time I was at the wedding I just couldn't believe we were all married now. Sometimes I feel like we were just in high school yesterday. Crazy how time flies!

As for Eric and I we are back in Utah still trying to find jobs and housing. It has been a little harder than I expected but I know everything will work out the way it is suppose to. I admit I am getting a little impatient and I really want my own space again but I am trying to focus on the positive because at least we have a place to stay. My favorite time of the year is here so I think I will try and focus on the happy spirit of the season as well.