Saturday, January 21, 2012

A long long time ago....

In a galaxy far far away....

Eric turned 28!! This past Thursday was Eric's birthday and I threw him a Star Wars themed birthday party! 

Eric HATES it when I decorate and it is so hard for me since I love decorating for birthdays that this year I just had to. Usually I make a candy bar poster and put streamers up everywhere but last year he specifically asked me not to decorate. I didn't put up streamers and I didn't make a candy bar poster like he asked. Instead I made a candy bar paper! I thought It was a pretty clever way around it because he never asked me not to do that and it fulfilled my need to do something. So this year I felt like I had to make up for the lack of decorations last year. I have to be honest though, my Mother in Law was the one who came up with the idea. She was looking at Pinterest one day and typed in Star Wars and found all these great ideas. I was also pretty stoked about doing the Star Wars theme because my sisters made him a Star Wars quilt so it just added to the excitement. Now I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL and I was on a budget so I did the best with what I could find at the dollar store. Since I am not a crafty person I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty impressed with myself. I used a black table cloth for the background and then found these stars and just taped them up. The picture is small but what we had on the table was:

Wookie Cookies 
These are suppose to be no bake cookies but I didn't have enough time the night before his birthday to make them, so I just got his favorite cookies instead.

Han's Rolo's 
Just regular Rolo's.

Edible Ewoks 
Gummy bears. I found these jumbo gummy bears at the dollar store and was so stoked!

Hoth Chocolate Brownies
It's technically suppose to be hoth chocolate cake but Eric hates cake so I made Grandpa Monson's favorite brownies which are Eric's favorite brownies. I should give you guys the recipe sometime because it is really good but really rich.

Yoda Soda
This is suppose to be lime soda and some sherbert so it creates a film on the top of the soda but no one likes lime soda so I did Mountain Dew instead.

Carbonite Jell-O
Holley (my mother in law) sent me this little Han Solo action figure. I was a little mad though because he wouldn't sink in the Jell-O and he moved so he was a little off center but It was okay I guess.

Thermal Detonators
I did a mix of chocolate covered raisins and whoppers.

Like I said before, I was on a budget but I was pretty proud and really excited for Eric to see it. I was so excited that I couldn't wait for him to wake up and see it the next morning so I had him see it like right after I was done decorating because I couldn't wait. He loved it and said it was awesome. The next day everyone, except for Trevor because he had to work (we missed you Trevor!) came down for brownies and presents. Eric got his Star Wars quilt, an amazon gift card and his golf bag that he had been wanting for almost a year. All in all Eric told me that this was the best birthday he had ever had and that just made my day. I can't believe he is 28! 2 years away and he is 30. CRAZY! I love Eric so much and was so excited and happy he had such a great birthday. Happy late birthday babe!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

9 months and counting...

My sweet little boy is 9 months! I am so blessed to have him in my life and watching him explore the world is such a joy. He has been walking along things for about 2 months now and any day he will take his first steps. He can stand on his own for about 4 seconds and then falls down. I am pretty convinced that he can walk on his own but just doesn't want to. Crawling is effective, fast and he already knows how to do it. I am totally fine with him not walking yet because I just know it will make my life a littler harder because he wants EVERYTHING he can't have, as most babies do.

He loves loves to dance. Eric and I recently watched all of the Big Bang Theory episodes (not all in one day and only a couple a day) and every time the song came on he would start flapping his arms up and down and get the biggest smile. He loves music and loves when I sing to him. When he is grumpy or mad it always helps calm him down. 

He still has no teeth! It's hilarious when he smiles wide and I see just gums. He has started giving this cheesy smile and it's hilarious to see with no teeth. Although, I am pretty sure he is teething right now because he is just biting down on everything. He has always been a drool bucket from the start so that is nothing new but anything he can get his gums on he will chomp on. 

He loves shoes and socks. It's really funny because he will take his sock off of his foot, put it in his mouth and leave it there while he crawls around and plays. He gets really mad when I take it out of his mouth and put it back on his foot.

 He LOVES baths but I have to be honest, I don't! He gets so excited and starts laughing when I get the water running and can't wait to get in but once he does all hell breaks loose. I have toys and toys but nope. All he wants to do is get my shampoo, the soap, the faucet, stand up, stand down, crawl around. When he doesn't get those things, he screams at me so by the end of it I am exhausted. I don't know if that is just Trent or if that is typical baby but I pray he grows out of it but I have a feeling that he won't.

Trent loves people. He use to be really shy but if someone walks up to him and smiles he will give them the biggest smile and wave. He loves to wave hello, goodbye and to point. He points at everything. He is my little social butterfly. 

He loves Sesame Street and especially loves Elmo. If I let him, he would probably watch Elmo all day. I'll admit, sometimes when I need a break I will put it on for 10-15 mins and just rest. When the song "Elmo's world" comes on he will start dancing and start laughing. He laughs a lot and has recently started making himself laugh. It's so cute.

I don't have any stats since his appointment is next month but I do know how much he weighs. He is 21lbs and going strong. I love his chunky thighs. He is such a sweet boy and loves to give mommy hugs and I love getting them!

(Cheesy smile)

Loves Grandma!

See, points at everything.