Thursday, May 26, 2011

Welcome to motherhood

Well it's happened. All my blog posts are about Trent or motherhood. It's funny because I think "what did I use to blog about before Trent came along!?" Now that Trent's here I can't imagine life without him. Being a mom has changed my life in so many ways. But I think the number one way is it has forced me to be more patient. For example sometimes when I feed and change him at 3 in the morning he decides to pee/poo all over himself, me and the crib and it's soooo hard to be frustrated at him because after he is done he smiles so big like it what he just did was a present for me. It's amazing how sometimes I can be so frustrated (every mom gets frustrated and if they don't they are either lying or they are a saint) but at the same time instantly melt when he smiles at me. It's amazing how literally within hours my life was no longer about me. It was about this little life and taking care of him to the best of my ability. I knew being a mom I would have to make sacrifices but never really fully understood until I had him. I have realized that being a parent is the most selfless act in the world and that as a parent there is nothing he could do to make me not love him. Even though some days I am tired beyond all reason I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love being a mom!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I can't believe Trent will be a month old this Saturday. It is crazy how time flies! My little boy is already growing up. We can't get enough of him and he really is the best little boy. Here are some fun facts about Trent so far.

He LOVES to smile. It is the cutest thing. Right after I feed him he is the happiest little boy in the world.

He loves his binky. He will suck on it so hard he has little binky marks on his face when we take it away.

 This is what happens 99.9% of the time when he falls asleep with it in his mouth.

He only cries when he is hungry or has a gas bubble.
He loves being swaddled super tight but also really loves his hands by his face.
He loves to sleep and during the night will go 3-4 hours in between feedings. He use to go 5 hours but at the 2 week check up he had lost some weight so that had to stop. Lame!
He absolutely hates being naked. 
He hates bath time except when his hair is being washed.
He has so much hair he has sideburns. The pictures above don't do it justice.
He loves sleeping on Eric. 
He loves his swing.
He loves snuggling.
When he cries it sounds like he is saying "mom"

This past month has been exhausting but it has been one of the best months of our lives. We love him so much and can't imagine life without him.