Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our home!

 I LOVE our new apartment! It has been a really long week but I finally feel like everything is coming together. The only thing that is left to finish is the guest bedroom and the office. It is so nice after almost a year of living with people to be in our own place again! I think my favorite thing is the kitchen. In our first apartment our kitchen was so small. I had no cabinet or counter space and if you took two steps you were already in our "dining room" area. But this kitchen has a ton of counter space and I have more cabinets than I know what to do with. It is so nice to not feel cramped. I am hoping to be here for a long time.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Random thoughts

-Eric and I have really been in to watching Burn Notice. It is my new favorite t.v. show. If you haven't seen it watch it because it is so awesome.

- We both have really been in to yogurt lately. Maybe it's because in the t.v. show, Burn Notice, the main character eats a lot of yogurt. It's healthy (depending on what kind you get), filling and really good. My favorite flavor right now is vanilla. I'm not a chunky yogurt gal so the vanilla and I are best friends.

-This show named Glee. My sister's, Jessica and Nicole, watched it and told me how much I would love it. I was indifferent on watching it so one night I decided I would give it a shot. Basically after the first 30 mins I was hooked. I stayed up super late that first night not wanting to go to bed but not being able to keep my eyes open anymore. It only took me the next night of staying up super late to finish it. It basically is the coolest show besides Burn Notice.

-Running. It's a real love hate relationship. I hate how I get tired so fast but love/hate how it pushes me. I love the feeling I get after I have just ran. I love how I sleep so good at nights. I hate how after I run I really want to eat something sugary.

- I love finding awesome deals on clothes or decorations. I think I love it the most when it's unexpected. The item is priced and you are mentally preparing yourself for that price. Then the cashier rings up the item and it is somehow magically cheaper. It's totally not expected but totally awesome. It pretty much makes my day. Most of the time this kind of stuff happens at Hobby Lobby. They need one in California bad.

-I have decided I am not to much of a spring person, weather wise that is. I love love seeing the flowers bloom and I love seeing the snow melt ( I hate snow). But I hate how it's freezing in the mornings and warm in the afternoons. I put a sweatshirt on because I am cold and by the end of the day I am super hot. Yeah I know I could just take my sweatshirt off but sometimes I am real lazy and don't want to have to rearrange my outfit because it decided to get hot. Just pick a temperature and stick with it.