Sunday, April 24, 2011

The long story of Trent's arrival

Sorry it took me so long to get this up. It's a long story.
The day had finally come. Trent was going to come whether he was ready or not. Eric and I woke around 4 in the morning to make sure we had everything ready to go. We arrived at the hospital and they checked me and told me I was 90% effaced and dilated to a 3 and having consistent contractions. I found that interesting as I hadn't been feeling the contractions at all. For most of my pregnancy the two things I was most scared of was the getting the i.v. and the epidural.  The time finally came to have me get the i.v and my nurse Michelle walks in with the head of all of the women's department for Timp hospital. She had decided since she hadn't been on the floor in like 10 years she wanted to experience what it would be like on the floor again. She tells me how she hadn't done an i.v in a long time but she was really excited and confident she could do it. (Yeah okay lady that sounds reassuring.) She starts to put the i.v in and says to my nurse Michelle "Oh I don't think I have it. Yeah I hit the bone it's starting to blow up." Right as she did all of this I started feeling super dizzy and almost passed out. She took it out quickly and luckily my nurse Michelle did it on the other hand and got it right in. Fear number one= horrible horrible experience. I HATE i.v's.

Before the i.v.

After the i.v

After the i.v. fiasco they put me on pitocin and the contractions started coming on strong. After about 5 mins of being on the pitocin I decided I was ready for the epidural. Everyone thought I was joking but I was so serious as the contractions really hurt and since I knew that I wasn't doing it natural I figured no need to wait. They call the anesthesiologist and in the meantime my doctor came in and broke my water. Weirdest feeling ever. By that time the anesthesiologist was ready and it was time for fear #2. He tries and my right butt goes numb and so he moves the needle (ick) to the left and my left leg shoots into the air. He has to pull it out and try again as he tells me he thinks I might have scoliosis. Oh great! That's awesome. Finally it's in and my left leg is so numb I can barely move it but my right leg is movable which I didn't care about until I still was able to feel the contractions. They move me on my right side as they said that might help move the epidural over to that side since it has to do with gravity (didn't know that.) 

At around 2:00 in the afternoon they checked me and said I was 100% effaced and dilated to a 7. We were really excited as things were moving a lot quicker then we thought they would. During that time I slept as much as I could as I knew I was going to need my strength later that day or night depending on how fast my body was going to go. Some time earlier they had decided to put an internal monitor on Trent which 1. I didn't know I had a choice to have that or not and 2. I didn't realize that meant it was going in his head. A little while later my nurse Michelle came to check me and as she was walking out of the room tripped on one of the cords. I checked my i.v. and that was still in place so the only other one was the one that was in his head. Yeah she had ripped it out of his head. Needless to say I was really worried and bugged as she had said earlier in the day that the cords were so long that she might trip on one. They had been busier that day so my nurse Michelle was gone for long periods of time so other nurses would come and check me or change my i.v. bag. As one nurse was changing my i.v. bag she decided to tell me this story about one of her friends that had a baby born with a cleft palate but didn't know until the baby was born. I looked to my mom after she left and was like wtf!? Why would you ever tell a new mom that's about to deliver a story like that?!
After that weird moment an hour later they checked me again and said I was dilated to a 10. They called my doctor and he said he wanted me to rest and descend for an hour and at 4 he would be there to start the pushing. As 4 gets closer and no word from our doctor we were getting a little nervous. At 4 my nurse called him and said she couldn't get a hold of him. We waited for 15 mins and tried again. No word. In the meantime I am having the shakes really really bad and had been throwing up a lot. Finally at 4:30 they tell us he was delivering a baby down in Provo and he was on his way. He finally gets there at 5 and I start pushing. As I was pushing my doctor decided to leave. He was gone for about 15 mins and then finally came back. NOt sure where he went but okay. I pushed for 45 mins and was given an episiotomy to try and help but I wasn't making as much progress as we wanted so my body decided to tear. Oh joy. And a class 3 at that. OO fun. The doctor decided it was time to use forceps which I didn't want but had to do what was best to get the baby out and once he did Trent came right out! He started crying and they put him on me and it was the best feeling of my life. I obviously was balling and then they handed him to Eric which then made me cry even more. They then took him and cleaned him up and it was the moment of truth. How much he weighed.

Holy freakin cow. None of us thought he was going to be that big. No wonder I was having troubles pushing him out! We all couldn't believe it. I was so excited to hold my little man but wasn't able to for about an hour because they had decided (without asking me again, which I thought they had to or at least it would have been nice to have been asked) to train a Broadview University student. I obviously knew they were going to poke and prod him but it was a little more then I could handle as he was screaming for most of it and they were taking their sweet time as the nurse was training that stupid lady. So I finally am able to hold him and he was/is the sweetest little thing.

Before we left Saturday morning my doctor came in to check on me and wanted to know if I had any questions. I decided to ask him about breastfeeding and he looked at me and my mom and said "I don't know I'm a guy." My mom and I looked at each other and were like okay.. I decided to ask him how long I would  have colostrum and he looked at us and said "is that what they call it?" We looked at each other again and were like uh yeah that's what we thought. It was very weird because I honestly had really liked my doctor until the big day came. During my months of pregnancy he always would ask me if I had any questions at the end of my appt. I never felt rushed and he was a funny guy. A weirder personality but hey I have a weird personality too. But that day he was so unprofessional. In the morning when they were going to break my water my mom asked him if maybe we could wait as she knew contractions are more intense on pitocin when the water is broken and he looked at us and said "We are here for an induction. You can waist my time and everyone else's time if you want to wait but that's up to you." After he gave me the go ahead to leave Saturday morning the pediatrician came in and told us that there was a bump on Trent's head that wasn't part of the swelling as that had already gone down. It was basically a subdural hematoma which basically is when blood forms between the skull and the skin. The pediatrician said it was normal and that it would go down in 4-8 months and that the only risk is that if it doesn't go down that means its calcified which means Trent will have a bump on his head the rest of his life. I wasn't upset until I went to Trent's 2 day check up and was told basically it was a result of resting and descending for too long. That was when I got really upset at my doctor. Yes I know it happens but I felt like my doctor just didn't care and that he should have had more of an active role as he was the doctor. I trusted this man and he let me down. Needless to say I will be happy when I never have to see that man again. The bump does seem to have gone down which is good but it still upsets me.

Trent is the most wonderful baby and only cries when he's trying to poo, has a bubble or is hungry. He is so calm and we really have been blessed. We love him so much and has brought so much joy to our lives already! It's crazy this Thursday he will already be two weeks. We love our little boy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Due date

I made it to 40 weeks! Finally! As I went to my doctors appointment I was trying not to get my hopes up that I had made progress but I couldn't help myself. I am so done being pregnant that I was hoping he would give me some good news. So when he checked me and told me I hadn't done anything in a week I was totally crushed. I am still 80% effaced and dilated to a two. I am at a -1 station which is good but obviously not what I had wanted to hear. But the good news is that if this baby doesn't come on his own I will be induced Thursday morning at 5:30 as he is concerned about Trent getting too big. I obviously would like to have him now but it is nice to have an end in sight. It will give me a couple of days to get everything the way I want it and then we will have him! I am nervous about the whole labor and delivery process but I feel like I am as ready as I ever will be. I know the pain will be worth every minute of it once they put him in my arms. 
Ready or not here he comes!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I figured since I will be having Trent any day now I should do this before I won't be able to. My little sister Nicole is getting married in 25 days. It's so weird to think about. I'm having a baby and she's getting married. Who figured it would happen so fast. So in honor of that I will be taking a stroll down memory lane which will be boring for most of you and for those who do read sorry it's long.

Growing up Nicole and I shared a room which I didn't realize was so much fun until I had a room of my own. When we were little we would sit in our room and play barbies for literally hours and I always would give her the "bad ken." He was the uglier one and his head would always fall off. The stories that we would make up would always be centered around my barbie and Nicole's character was usually the sister that didn't really have a big role. Now looking back I think I enjoyed playing barbies much more than she probably ever did. We not only loved playing barbies we loved playing dress up and pretending that we were in a castle somewhere or that we were office secretaries (random I know). At night my mom would put us to bed at like 8 but we would always stay up much later than that talking and giggling. One time I convinced her to sneak out of bed to go get a flash light so we could make wall animals. I'm sure my mom would say that she knew that Nicole had gotten out of bed and that she let Nicole get the flashlight but I think my mom didn't have any idea. When I would get scared at night I would wake her up make her get out of her bed and come sleep in mine until I wasn't scared anymore and then kick her out of my bed to go back to hers which was always cold. 

 I am 2 1/2 years older than her which made things difficult as we entered the teenage years. I was trying to leave the "kid" phase but she was still in that phase and didn't understand why I had become more distant. But as we both grew she became one of my best friends as she was able to understand things more about the teenage world. Our weekends usually consisted of us hanging out with our separate friends but me always taking her or picking her up which gave us the chance to become really close as we would tell each other everything about the night. Some of my favorite memories were of us driving around Roseville at night with the windows down blasting Yellowcard or Something Corporate. Sometimes she would hang out with my and my friends (It smells like this can you smell it?!, Getting kicked out of Winco by some super fat chick, giving a certain someone rogan) and sometimes I would hang out with her friends. On the nights we didn't hang out with friends we would usually watch a chick flick and eat candy. There were some nights where we were literally bouncing off the walls. We would get so hyper and just have a blast laughing at the stupidest stuff while my mom and dad were telling us to stop. My poor dad. One of the best nights was during the Christmas season. My parents had gone out to do some shopping and we got bored so we decided to make a Christmas video. It was so random but so fun. I won't tell you what's in the video because it's a little embarrassing but lets just say because we loved it so much that we made one every year up until this last Christmas.

Nicole's first year of college was my first year of marriage. She was living in the dorms and I was just a couple blocks south of campus. It was fun living close during that first year. She would go out a lot and I wouldn't see her a ton but when I did we always had a memorable time. (Eric yelling at neighbors, me putting way to many onions in the chicken enchiladas)

Now it's Nicole's turn to get married. Where has the time gone! I feel like just yesterday we were talking about how much we hated boys and how retarded they were. It was a little harder for me at first to accept the fact that she was getting married. But I think that no matter who she got married to it was going to be harder for me as I have been with her through all of her guys and seen the hardships shes gone through and because of how protective I am of her. But Trevor is perfect for her and he makes her so happy. I couldn't have picked out a better guy for her. 

This past year hasn't been an easy one for Nicole and I but I know it has made our relationship stronger. We may not always be the closest at times (because of our openness with our feelings and our lack of tact) but I know we will always be there for each other and no matter what she will always be one of my best friends. I am so excited for the fun times ahead and I am so happy for her! I love you stink.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

False labor...say wwwhhaa?!

I always thought growing up when you went into labor it was the basic your water breaks or you have contractions and then you have the baby. But just like anything else in pregnancy I come to find out there is more to the story. There is such a thing called "false labor." It basically means your body is having contractions and yes those contractions are hurting BUT they are irregular, unpredictable and aren't progressing which means you aren't actually going into labor. It's a cruel joke your body plays on you since it feels like it's finally that time but oh wait it's not! 
I had to learn this the hard way. Yesterday night towards the end of a wonderful bachelorette party for my younger sister Nicole I started having some pretty painful contractions. When I would have them I would get super nauseous, dizzy and I really started not feeling great. I left a little earlier than I had wanted to but after having them for a significant amount of time decided I should go home just in case I was going into labor. The whole drive from South Jordan to Provo I was having contractions and continuing to feel worse and worse. I came home and started timing them for the next 2 hours. They were painful but very sporadic so I decided to try and change positions to see if that would stop them but that didn't work. They kept coming but the contractions weren't getting stronger. After 3 hours I decided to call labor and delivery and they told me to try taking a bath. So I did and it seemed to slow the contractions down a lot. So I decided to try and get some sleep just in case little Trent decided later in the morning to make his appearance into the world. I go to sleep and it's not a super deep sleep so I can feel some contractions throughout the night but nothing that hurt too bad. Around 4:40 in the morning I woke up to a really bad contraction. They started coming fast and were a little more consistent than before and they really really hurt. After about an hour of some really painful contractions (to the point where I really couldn't talk and had to hold onto something) I decided to call labor and delivery again and they told me to come in. Eric and I packed our bags and right as we pulled into the parking lot my contractions started to ease up a bit. Just my luck. I go in they check me and tell me I was still 80% effaced and 2 cm dilated. ****Side note: I HATE being checked. It is so uncomfortable and the pressure is unbearable. But then again I could just be a wimp which is entirely possible.**** They hooked me up and watched me for an hour. My contractions were more consistent but only 5-7 mins apart. After the hour they checked me again and told me the baby was looking great and to go home as I was having false labor. False labor? Come again?! I thought once you had contractions it was time for baby to come out. How the heck could there be a thing called "false labor." Appalled that there is such a thing and that I was going through it I asked the nurse how long this false labor crap could last and she tells me I could be back in that day or it could be weeks. WEEKS?! Did she just say weeks?! Please don't let me be like this for weeks is all I was thinking. It was such an emotional morning and I had mentally prepared to deliver that baby that morning that it was such a depressing thing for me to hear. So after I realized nothing was happening that morning I accepted defeat and went home. It was a very long morning and needless to say I am not a fan of this false labor poo poo ca ca and think it's lame. I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up so much especially since I am a week away from my actual delivery date but it was so hard not to. I know I should try and enjoy this time as this will really be the last time it's just Eric and I for a long long long time but it's so hard when you have been waiting for 9 months. But the good thing is Trent is blissfully unaware of everything and is doing wonderfully. False labor. baaaah