Saturday, August 14, 2010

April 11, 2011

That is the day that our baby is due. We found out a couple of days ago and I am not going to lie, I was shocked. I have been late before and my periods are so sporadic that I really didn't think anything of it. It was a TOTAL surprise and I was not planning on being pregnant this early in our marriage but I guess it was meant to be! We had been talking about it and thinking about starting in December so it's really only a few months early but it was still a shock. Eric and I are really excited and even though we are a little scared we know we can do this. We are excited for this addition to our family! 

Monday, August 9, 2010


Happy 2 years babe! It was the happiest day of my life when we were married. You are my everything and I love being able to spend every day with you. You are amazing and you are the best husband ever. I love you!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Twenty three

Eric and I on my birthday!

Eric did such a good job decorating!

It's a tradition in my family to have a themed birthday with a candy bar poster every year. My theme this year was birthday princess with worm balloons......

Eric's "worm" balloons......He made me wear the crown and sash literally all day.

This past Thursday was my birthday and the whole week Eric told me I was either getting a candy bar poster OR decorations but not both. I of course wanted both because that is what I have grown up with my whole life but told him sadly if I MUST choose decorations. I should have known he was trying to surprise me because when I woke up on my birthday and came down stairs our living room and kitchen were decorated like crazy! And he even made a candy bar poster! I was so surprised and sooooo happy and a little confused with the "worm" balloons but quickly realized that I was married to Eric so it didn't have to make sense. That was the start to an amazing day. Eric and our friend Kevin threw me a surprise birthday lunch which was awesome (I had never had a surprise birthday before). Then we went out to the Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner with my family, grandparents and our extended family. We then came back to our house opened presents, ate cake and ice cream and had such a blast visiting with family. It was the perfect day and I couldn't have asked for anything else!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The airport adventures of Eric and Chelsea

Eric and I hadn't been home to California since we moved last October so a trip was very very necessary. We usually always drive because it saves money but for some strange reason 3 weeks before we were planning on leaving I decided to look up airline tickets. Couldn't hurt right? The first place I always go is JetBlue. I have found that sometimes they are cheaper. So I go on their website and I couldn't believe what I was seeing on my computer screen. They had $55.00 tickets to Long beach and they were only offering the tickets at that price on the exact dates we were planning on going to Cali! I sat there staring at the screen thinking... no freaking way. I had Eric come over and see if what I was seeing was correct and not my brain hallucinating and sure enough they were really only $55.00. Eric and I decided that that was a deal we just couldn't pass up. Total for both of us round trip was $260.00 including tax! Anyone who has driven that drive knows it just kind of sucks so we were realllllllly excited to fly. 

After getting everything squared away with work so we could leave we headed to the airport. I don't know about most people but Eric and I like to get to the airport like 2 hours early. Yeah most likely we will probably be sitting around just waiting to board our plane but hey it gives us wiggle room if something happens. We walk inside and see a line at the Jetblue counter. Nothing unusual until I realize that there are no representatives helping anyone so everyone in the line is just standing there. It's a good thing we got there early because the line just got longer and longer and longer as no one was being helped. I didn't know this but apparently Jetblue representatives don't arrive at the counter to check bags and things like that until an hour before flights leave to save money. I was not super happy with this but hey we had time and I wasn't worried. But the lady in front of us had a FIT when she found this out. She immediately says she is going to call her Jetblue representative because this is unacceptable and blah blah blah. She calls and gets no where and then calls someone else to complain. After that anyone that looked like they worked for the airport she complains to. Are you serious? So by this point I am reallllly annoyed. So I very loudly so she can hear say "Complaining about it isn't going to do anything like seriously? Please get mad and complain some more because that's just going to make the situation so much better...NOT." After I say this she doesn't really say anything and I know she heard me. I'm a baer we are loud without even raising our voices. A little bit later as Eric and I are still waiting to be checked in we see this guy run up to print his ticket out on one of those standing computer things. I don't know what they are called but Eric and I couldn't help but laugh at this guy. He's wearing a man purse! I have never seen a guy wear one of those but it was fuuunnnyy. You really have so much stuff you need a man purse? For real? He prints his ticket and runs off. The representatives finally come and we get our bags checked and everything and we make it through security just fine. We go to our gate, sit down and wait for the plane. Sometime later we are getting ready to board the plane and all of a sudden we see the man purse being wheeled to our gate in a wheel chair. hahahah really? wow. I thought maybe he hurt himself running but when we land in California he gets off the plane without any problems just fine. haha man some people.

Here is man purse in all his glory. I don't know if you can tell but his boobs are bigger than mine!  He is totally one of those guys at the gym that looks around to see if any girls are looking at him and when one does he starts to work out really fast.Oh how I love airports. It's always an adventure.

California was sooooo awesome and just what we needed. Eric and I are lame and we took like seriously no pictures so sorry! It was so nice to relax and not have to do anything! We basically just hung out, went to the beach, played with the dogs, went to Yogurt palace and went to a concert in the park! I loved going to those things last summer when we were living with Eric's parents and I was so excited there was going to be one while we were there. It's so much fun. You bring your chairs, food, blankets listen to the band and just hang out! It was awesome to be home and to visit family. The week went by way to fast and we can't wait until December! 

The picture isn't that great but this is what it looks like!