Thursday, May 10, 2012


It's always been a love/hate thing for me but (ironically) as I was running the other day I realized I have been running since the 7th grade. In 7th & 8th grade, for P.E., they would make us run a mile once a week. Then my freshman year they would make us run around the track for an hour and a half (our high school had a block of 4 classes each and hour and a half long and then at the end of the semester we would switch and go to different classes). Then Sophomore year every Tues and Thurs we would have to run a cross country sprint. That SUCKED. Then Jr & Sr year I did aerobics.

The point to this long background history on my running is before Trent I was pretty healthy. I tried to not eat out as much and tried to work out here and there but nothing ever consistent. After I had Trent I realized that as the mom I have complete control over how my children will turn out, health wise. If I don't set the example on being healthy my children will only learn bad habits and acquire a taste for unhealthy things. I have to be healthy and I have to teach him how to be so he can be active and lead a healthy life. The desire to be healthier all started after new year's. I made resolution's to cook more and loose weight. At first I was only planning on doing this until I had lost the weight I wanted but as I have been doing this since Feb I realized that it's a lifestyle change that I need to stick with. Being active 4 times a week does not only keep me physically fit but it also gets me out and makes me a better mom. I use to hate running and to be honest it isn't my favorite thing to do but I do love how it challenges me and pushes me. 

One thing that's always been on my bucket list is to run an official 5k. I don't know why but I have just always wanted to do it. My friend told me about a 5k coming up in June in Springville and I was stoked but then realized the morning of the run is when Eric flies in from Cali. I was bummed for about 5 mins then realized there is another 5k coming up and it's here in Provo. It's on the 4th of July and it's called the Freedom Run. The reason I know this is because every year they start the race right outside my door and start playing music at 6 in the morning. When I didn't have Trent I didn't care but now it's like, turn that music off or I'll kill you. Anywho, I convinced my Dad and brother to run it with me and I am so excited. I know 3 miles isn't a lot but for me it is. I currently only run 2 so I am going to have to build up to it but I am hoping the day of the race the adrenaline will kick in. I will probably look like this during my run:

I know it will be challenging but It's something that I know I would regret if I didn't do. Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wants & Needs

The concept of wants and needs has always been a hard one for me. I feel like I NEED everything but when I stop to think I realize It's probably just a want. When I was single and making the cash I didn't feel bad at all when I would blow all my paycheck on clothes. I had a horrible jean obsession (14 pairs). Which looking back on it now, why couldn't it have been a shoe obsession because can I fit into all those jeans now? NOPE. Now that I am married and it's our money instead of money it's really hard to justify spending money on things I actually really need. I have never been a huge shopper. Don't get me wrong I love buying things but I don't like to be shopping for hours on end. I get in, get what I want and then leave. It's even harder for me to spend money on myself now that I have Trent. It's so much easier for me to justify buying him clothes especially when his clothes are a ton cheaper than anything I would buy. You would think with Mother's Day right around the corner my problem would be solved. I can buy myself something and not feel guilty! Nope..I want/need so many different things. Like this makeup:

The makeup directly above is from the Copper Bee store available on Go check it out! They have FANTASTIC makeup and my friend is the one who makes it and they are super affordable. I want like everything she sells.

 I haven't bought myself new shoes in like 2 years and I REALLY want these.

My hair has been going brown (not hatin against the brown haired folk) but I want it to be really blonde again. My hair use to be soo blonde and it's fading. It makes me sad. I also really need a haircut. That is straight up a need. 

You see my problem? All of these things are not cheap and I really need/want them. The one good thing is my birthday is coming up in August along with my anniversary so hopefully I will be able to get some of these things. Let's just hope I don't spend it all on Trent though!