Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have realized something...

I am so not a crafty person. I'll read friends blogs who are pregnant and they are making all these cute blankets, clothes, shoes, bows and the list goes on. I see how they make things for half the price of buying them and they are so personalized that I think "hey I want to do that." The problem is I don't know how to sew and I am really bad at coming up with cute ideas in my head. I am super visual and If I see something I like I will copy it but I can't pull different things from different places and put it all together to make something I like. I am a perfectionist when it comes to doing crafts that I will spend way to much time making sure it's perfect and then If something is off just by a little It will bug me every time I look at it. Or I will do something and then I will see how someone else did it and think "oh man that is way cuter, I wish I would have done mine like that." It's not that I don't want to be crafty, I really do, but it just doesn't come naturally to me. I don't think I will ever be one of the crafty moms on the block. Maybe someday...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hungry hungry hippo..

31 weeks and I can't believe I am already this far along. It's so weird to think that I only have 9 more weeks to go. Sometimes I feel like I have been pregnant forever (since August which is a really long time) but then other times I feel like I am soooo not ready to be a mom and I want/need more time. Mother's always seem to have those right answers and always say the right thing but so far the knowledge genie hasn't blessed me with that yet. I know mom's aren't perfect but growing up they sure seem like it. 
Even though I am nervous I am SUPER excited to meet this little guy. As his space has gotten smaller I have been feeling him all the time. It use to feel really weird/surreal when he would move or kick me but as I have gotten use to the feeling it's something that I enjoy most about pregnancy so far. One thing he has been loving to do lately is punch my leg ligaments (I think that's what he's punching) and when he does HOLY COW. It hurts like non other and makes me want to shout out swear words. I think he enjoys doing it because he does it almost on a daily basis. I haven't had those popular rib kicks I have heard so much about but I feel like these hurt just as much. He also gets the hiccups every day (if it's not every day it sure feels like it). At first I had no idea what it was because it felt like a heart beat until one day he had them and my mom put her hand on my stomach and she told me that he had hiccups and that it is very normal. It's funny.
We had our 30 week ultrasound last week and our lady said that everything is looking great. At one point throughout the ultrasound she goes "oh wow" Eric and I both looked at each other nervously and she says "oh wow oh wow yeah yep this is totally a boy.. he is a show-er!" So apparently our little guy likes to show off his goods! She said I am still measuring right on for April 11th and that he was 3.6lbs. I feel like he's going to be an 8lb baby which isn't out of the norm but I still feel like that's huge especially since I have to deliver that. It's also bad that lately I have been craving gummy bears and milk duds. Random I know but sugar in general is good. The hard thing is I feel like no matter what I eat I just gain and gain like crazy. 
One thing that has gotten a little easier is sleeping. I use to have bad leg cramps at night which made sleeping almost impossible but they seem to have gotten better. I also don't have to worry about waking Eric up because he sleeps in the guest bed now. I don't like that we don't sleep together anymore but I have to admit I sleep better and so does he. What we do now is he will snuggle with me until I fall asleep and then leave. Eric's so wonderful to me. He's just the best. I'm so excited to have a baby with him.

I don't know who reads this or if anyone does but I apologize as yes all I really do now is talk about baby stuff. Sorry!

31 weeks