Wednesday, December 15, 2010

23 weeks and counting

I feel like every day I get bigger and bigger no matter what I eat. We leave for California in 2 days for 2 weeks and I don't know how I am going to be able to have self control. Basically my mother in law said all she wants to do for those 2 weeks is bake and cook and since it's ALL good food I'm screwed. It also doesn't help that I am just starting to get that "I am hungry all the time feeling" and basically don't really get full anymore. Don't be a hater if I look like this in my next pictures:

Minus the blue part.

Friday, December 3, 2010

21 weeks

A little more than halfway there! He already has some strong kicks on him and is already super stubborn. Whenever I have to pee he kicks like crazy until I go. He sure does love his space. I have a feeling he is a mini me of Eric already.

Oh I also really want this:

And this:

Oh yeah.. the baby shopping has begun.

Thursday, December 2, 2010



 I thought after living in Utah for 4 years now I would come to enjoy the snow a little more but every year it comes and every year I hate it. I was told to try snowboarding so I did and yes I hated it. The last time I went sledding I was knocked out cold and had to be rushed to the hospital. I think maybe I wouldn't hate it as much if it didn't try and kill me every time I go to play or drive in it. Although I would rather be playing in it and have the snow win than driving in it and have the snow win. 
I proudly admit that I am that slow grandma driver that's going 35 on the freeway when it's snowing. I would rather drive slow and live than drive fast and die. Yes I make other people mad with how slow I drive but hey it goes both ways. It's so infuriating to see all these idiotic drivers zoom past me because they have all wheel drive so they think that magically the black ice on the road will melt when they drive over it or because they are in a big car so the snow just won't touch them. As Dane Cook would put it...UM HELLO....UM HI. It's YOU people that cause accidents and deaths because you are driving like there is no snow on the road.
Not only is snow a death trap it's freaking fffrreezzzing! I hate walking out my door and having my whole body almost freeze to death because it's like 20 degrees. 
I will admit there are only TWO good things about snow. It makes things look pretty and when it snows it means Christmas is coming. That's just about it. I use to not be this bah humbug about winter but that was because all I had to worry about was if I had an umbrella in my car and during the day it never got colder than 40. I wish I was one of those people who enjoyed snow but after 4 years of waiting thinking maybe my blood would thicken up I have given up hope. My body refuses to like snow. I look forward to the day when I enjoy my winters with just rain.