Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm back!

Whew! I have been gone for a reeealllly long time. Sorry about that folks. As you all know I am preggers (if not guess what, I'm pregnant!) so yeah I basically have been super duper tired which meant no blogging. Because It has been such a long time I'll give you a quick update.

Had Thanksgiving with my fam this year and it was just great. I have realized that I Thanksgiving is a little anti climatic for me now. I don't really like turkey (I would so rather have a steak with a-1 sauce) mash potatoes are meh, don't really love stuffing, don't like green bean casserole, don't like canned yams, don't like sweet potatoes. Basically the best part is the homemade grandma rolls.And I don't like pie at all.  So I enjoy Thanksgiving more for hanging out with the fam. It was a good Thanksgiving though.  Nothing exciting to report.

It was our turn to go to Eric's fam for Christmas this year and so we decided, since Eric hadn't been home in over a year and he had three weeks off for school, to go to Cali for three weeks. I was a little nervous about the amount of time just because of Trent. He really loves his bed so I was thinking he wasn't going to sleep at all but he actually slept really well so everything turned out great on that end. It was nice to relax and not have to worry about whiny tenants calling me or bugging me every second. Trent loved running around, seeing the dogs and going in the spa with Papa. Christmas was amazing and It was so much fun seeing Trent's reaction to things because he could express himself so much more than last year. I am so excited for next year because he will actually understand who Santa is. Cali was amazing and it's always so hard to leave but after three weeks I was ready for my house and my bed. 

This is what Santa gave Trent. A chewie stuffed animal. In the bottom left pic he's giving chewie kisses.

T helping Papa put in a palm tree. 

We got back home and hit the ground running! Apparently while we were gone there were huge snow storms and apparently our snow plow services for the parking lots didn't come so that was real fun to deal with + plus all the work I had to do + plus eric starting school + me being pregnant= a VERY tired me. But it was only about two weeks of being pretty hectic and then things started to level out. The next big event was Eric's 29th birthday. The man is old. But he's a hottie. I didn't do an epic Star Wars theme like last year. Instead I did a princess theme because I thought it would be funny and it was. I don't think Eric liked it as much as the Star Wars (obvi) but the dollar store doesn't really give you much to work with. He had a wonderful birthday and got everything he wanted. (Sorry if it bugs some people that I don't list what we get for birthdays/christmas but I find it tacky. I don't really need a list of everything other people always get. No, it's not that I can't be happy for other people but like for real I don't need to know/read every time other people get something they want. Rant over). January was over before I knew it and now we are onto the busiest month of the year for me. Contract signing month! I apologize in advance if I don't blog this month because it is sssooo crazy busy but I will try rrreeeallllly hard. 

Now onto pregnancy stuff..

Yep. My ego is prego. It's a little (by like 6 months) closer than I wanted but refer to the "struggles" post about our pregnancy journey and why we decided to get pregnant now. I found out I was pregnant in Nov. Just in time to be sick for Thanksgiving. yaaay, NOT. I was not sick with Trent at all. I felt yucky one day but that was it. With this one I was really, really nauseous in the first trimester and on the day we flew to California I threw up. Talk about not fun. The nausea didn't get worse, thankfully, but didn't get better. Then around week 8, in cali, the smells really started to get to me and I just was really not happy. I had heard that being sick was a good sign because it meant you were "really" pregnant but it still sucked so bad. Eric and I were really excited but cautious because of the miscarriage before so when I heard the heartbeat when we got back from Cali it was such a sigh of relief. Things really started feeling better around 13 weeks. The biggest thing that has kind of sucked is with Trent I didn't really show until like 17 weeks but with this one I like instantly showed but it just looked like I ate way too many burgers. So since the beginning I have basically just looked fat and not pregnant. I am kind of over this in between stage and just want to show already. You all know what I am talking about. You look at a girl and you think oh is she just fat or is she pregnant? Yeah I have been stuck in that since the beginning. It's really lame. Hopefully I'll just pop someday soon. I am almost 16 weeks so..any day now. As for what I want this one to be I am kind of wanting another boy. I really enjoy Trent even though he has a TON of energy. I am loving the football, baseball, trucks, trains stage. But having a girl would be fun I'm sure. Then after that I don't want any more girls. Just want one. I think the biggest difference I have been able to tell with this one, other than being sick in the beginning, is I am WWWAAAAAYYYY more irritated. I get irritated so unbelievably fast. I feel really bad and because I know I get irritated really fast I try extra hard to work on it but sometimes It gets the better of me. It just happens. But I am excited to have another lil babe around because my number 1 is growing up so fast! I'm not looking forward to the no sleep nights, especially since it's so easy with trent now but It will all be worth it!
 This is basically how I feel all the time. My poor hubby. He's such a trooper.