Monday, December 21, 2009

Our new baby, "Goliath"

No I am not pregnant for those who are thinking that. It's the name of our new TV!! Back in November Eric came to me and told me about this awesome TV deal through the Dell website (with whom we will never shop with again). He explained this was the best deal he had seen including the upcoming black Friday deals. I don't speak TV so I had Eric explain it in layman's terms. Basically the deal was for a 50" 1080P Samsung Plasma (originally retails for $1199) and a dvd/surround sound home theater system ($229) for $775 + tax with free shipping. The deal was on Sunday but we decided not to purchase it on the Sabbath. The deal of course sold out within hours and we were both pretty sad. Eric decided to try and call Dell on Monday to see if anyone had canceled their order and if we could get one. They said that they had some left and so we ordered one and were told it would ship within 48 hours and we would receive it 3-4 days after that. To make a long long story short after multiple delays, shady business practices and numerous attempts from Dell to cancel our order behind our backs, the TV arrived on the 14th of DECEMBER. Sadly the screen was shattered. Eric spent numerous hours with Dell who eventually agreed to do an exchange. The particular TV we purchased was out of stock, so they sent us a better model TV (retail value $1399). After a long week the new TV FINALLY came and we couldn't be happier with our newest family member! Take our advise. NEVER BUY FROM DELL. EEEVVEEER.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Funny story of our first Christmas.

Being married I have obviously learned a lot about Eric.One thing I have learned is to appreciate Eric's reactions when I give him presents because they are different than mine and that's to be expected. If he doesn't react like I do it doesn't mean he likes them less then me. I have learned to not only appreciate his reactions but to notice between the really really excited reactions and the reactions he's just doing to be nice. There was one incident where I could tell he was just saying thanks and acting happy for me.

It was about a year ago this time and being our first married Christmas together I really wanted it to be special. There was this purse I really really wanted but it would be a hassle to get for me and I wasn't really expecting to get it. Just one of those things you want but know realistically you won't get. Eric didn't really have any items on his Christmas list that he HAD to have. There were a couple of x-box games he wanted but nothing I thought he wanted hardcore. He was running low on cologne and it was on his list so I decide to get him this cologne. He really likes the smell and he needed some more. Instead of spending money on a Christmas present and then when he ran out of cologne getting him that too I decided the logical thing would be to just buy it for him. I buy it for him and instead of buy the smaller size of the cologne I decide to buy the bigger size which of course is more expensive but hey it will last longer right! Christmas morning rolls around and I get my purse and squeal and am so excited so I am super excited to give Eric his present because I know he will enjoy it. He starts to unwrap his present and is smiling and is super excited. It feels like forever for me but finally all the wrapping paper is gone and he opens the box and then moves the tissue paper away and sees the cologne and then his smile dims and he looks at me..then the box..then at me..and says ohh thanks with a real cheesey smile on his face. I think he was trying to figure out if it was a joke or not. Needless to say the cologne was not at the top of his list of things he wanted. He was very grateful for the gift and was happy about his present but was expecting to open something else. I think he was expecting one of the x-box games. I had told him I got him one to throw him off but I guess it wasn't very smart of me considering he really got his hopes up. I learned my lesson and this year is different! I asked him to number the things on his list from the thing he wanted the most to the least so the same mistake won't happen again. This year is going to be awesome and I know he will really really enjoy the present I got him! That's what I thought last year though so who knows! We will see! Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BYU game

All I have to say about the BYU vs Utah game is this:

"I don't like Utah. In fact, I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hate their program, I hate their fans, I hate everything." Couldn't have said it better myself. Go Cougs!