Monday, February 13, 2012

Ten months

Our little man is 10 months! We are really glad that last month is over. With a gastrointestinal virus, diarrhea because of the virus, diaper rash because of the diarrhea caused by the virus, the flu shot and a yeast infection it was not a fun month. He handled it all like a champ though so I really shouldn't complain. We had A LOT of naked time to air out his neither regions and I am pretty convinced he LOVES being naked.

22lbs and in the 84 percentile
29 inches and in the 61 percentile
Head circumference is 18.1 and in the 69 percentile.

He is officially walking without any fingers, couches or ottoman. For right now he's slow but I know in no time he will be speedy and wrecking even more havoc.
He says mama, dada, uh oh, wow and night night. When he says wow he doesn't just say it once it's more like wow, wow, wow, wow. We are currently working on hello and bye bye.

He loves more than anything to read. If there is a toy and a book next to each other he will pick the book over the toy almost every time. When he wants me to read to him he looks at me and growls. It's hilarious. 

In baby sign language he knows more, all done and food/hungry. It's so nice he can communicate when he's all done eating. 

This month has been crazy with contract signings so I don't have any pictures but I will try and take some. I am not gonna lie, I can't wait for this month to be over!

Oh and Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Tid bits

1. I am actually doing pretty good with my new year's resolutions. I have already lost 2 pounds and have been cooking every day except for one. I am doing this Turbo Fire workout and it is a booty kicker! The only thing that I HATE about loosing weight is that I have no patience. After I have worked out super hard and busted my butt it's like I want to loose 5 pounds instantly but It doesn't work like that. I'll be lucky if I loose 5 pounds in a month. 

2. I LOVE the show New Girl. It by far is my favorite show of all time. It is so funny and if you haven't seen it you need to watch it because it is amazing. I think I love it so much because I can relate to the character Jess in so many ways. Yes I am a freak.

3. I miss going to dances and acting like a freak. I was the crazy person that annoyed everyone because I just didn't care what others thought and had the best time dancing. Although I don't miss the awkward slow dances because I am not one of those girls that are blessed and "glisten". I sweat like a normal person.

4. I love football. I really enjoy all sports but there is something about football that is just so fun. I always get a little sad when the super bowl comes because then that means football is over until September but the one good thing about the super bowl is that means Spring is coming and after Spring is Summer. My favorite time of the year!

 5. Ellen DeGeneres is so hilarious and I love watching her show. My ultimate dream is to be in her audience during the 12 days of giveaways. That would be so epic I would probably shart in my pants.

6. I love watching chick flicks. I think my favorite all time is the Holiday (even though Jude Law is a jerk in real life he still is nice to look at). I just love the cute love stories and that people over come things and obstacles and love prevails. I know they aren't realistic but it's my guilty pleasure.

7. Speaking of guilty pleasures my favorite one is Jersey Shore. I freakin love that show. I know it's trash but I can't help but love it. LEZbehonest. TAXI SONO QUI!