Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun facts about Trent

  • He is 2 months and 2 days
  • Weight: 12 lbs 2 ounces (93 percentile which I'm not sure how because my friends baby is 2 months and he is 12 lbs 9 ounces and he is in the 65 percentile so I don't know if my doctor has it right or if I am understanding things wrong but oh well) He may not look like a 12 pounder but he packs most of it all in his thighs. I love those chunky things!
  • Length: 24 inchs (83 percentile)
  • He sleeps about 7 1/2 - 8 hours a night and I am SO very thankful for this.
  •  He smiles all the time.
  • He talks all the time and every time he talks he flares his nostrils. It's hilarious.
  • He eats about every three hours.
  • He's not to fond of tummy time but it is something we are working on.
  • He loves being swaddled at night still. If he has his arms free he will wake himself up.
  • He is already in 3 month clothes.
  • He loves his hands and putting them in his mouth.
  • He already loves tv.
  • He has farts like a old person. No joke. It's hilarious. 
  • He loves cuddling.
  •  I always know when he poos not because of the smell or the sound but because he has a poo face. I have to try and get a picture of it because it's hysterical.
  •  He isn't really that fussy unless he tired.
I could go on and on about this little guy I just love him so much. It is amazing how much growing he is doing. I am trying to enjoy every minute of him since time is just flying by!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I LOVE summer! It is by far my favorite time of the year besides Halloween and Christmas. I love the fact that I can walk outside and not almost die because I'm frozen. I love that it's warm late at night. I love the fact that the sun is out longer (when Utah isn't being gay and raining). But my favorite things about summer are:


I love our country!


Swimming. (Even though I probably won't be doing a lot of this).

I'm so excited summer is finally here!