Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tren'ts 1 year pictures.

Yesterday we (finally) took Trent to get professional pictures done. I was really extremely worried because Trent finally cut his first tooth so he has been a little grumpy/clingy lately. But I was determined to get them done so I put some Ibuprofen in him, brought down the Grandma for backup and off we went! At first Trent was kind of okay but then once the lady started taking the pictures and the camera started flashing he was NOT having any of it. 

This is how he was for the first 30 minuets of the shoot. Then my Mom with her Grandma powers got him to calm down and was able to refocus him. I then decided to give him some goldfishies since he loves them and food generally calms him down.

Goldfish+Grandma singing skinny marinky dinky dink (if you don't know that song you got jipped in your childhood. It's one of the best songs)= Success! If I would have known that was all I had to do to get good pictures I would have done that in the beginning! From then on all I had to do was to make sure he had his golfish and we were set. I hope his 2 year pictures won't be as 

Love my little man!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I apologize for this post because it's basically me complaining about things which I try not to do because lets be honest sometimes It's annoying to hear other people complain. But here I go.

1. What is with girls taking 5 million hours to get ready to go to the gym. I had a roommate who took 45 mins to get ready to go to the gym and I am not even lying. I just have never understood why girls have to get all gorgeous when they are just going to sweat it all off. Plus the fact that the guys at the gym aren't all that great. They all look like tools to me while they look at themselves in the mirror and work out. You know those guys are thinking to themselves that they are b.a.m.f.s because of there muscles and by how much they can bench. Yeah no thanks. I'm not saying you have to look like a frump but do you really have to put on mounds of makeup and do your hair?

2. When I was pregnant I got to a point where I just wanted Trent out. Big is an understatement of what I was in the end. I was a huge heffer that could barely get out of the car, bed or off the couch. But no matter how uncomfortable I was and no matter how much I wanted Trent out, I realized that he would come when he was ready. I had a friend tell me a story about a women who went to the hospital to be checked at 38 weeks and then was told to go home because it wasn't time. Most people would have been bummed and just left but she refused to go home. SHE wanted the baby out right then because that was more convenient for her. So they induced her and I'm sure everything went fine but I just didn't understand that. Motherhood = sacrifice. The second you get pregnant you start sacrificing. You start being super moody, for most people throwing up on a daily basis, feeling like super crap, not sleeping because you have to pee every 30 seconds, for most you gain more weight then you have ever in your life, you worry about if you have felt the baby or not, you spend a lot of money and time to make sure you have everything necessary for when the baby comes. Then when the baby comes you sacrifice your sleep, energy and everything else. So I just don't understand when women do things like that because THEY want the baby out when it's convenient for them. Well welcome to motherhood folks. Your life is no longer your own but revolves around that baby. Now I'm not talking about people who need to be induced because of health reasons or because they are overdue (like I was) but the women who purposely are induced because they don't want to be pregnant anymore. It's just not something I will ever understand. You are a mom and things are never going to be on your time frame again. 

 3. Construction is my worst nightmare. Ever since I moved here there has been construction on the I-15 somewhere. First it was up in Davis county where they built legacy. Then up in Layton. Then (where my sister Nicole use to live) off the Alpine/Highland exit, then the American Fork, Lindon, Pleasant Grove, Orem, Provo, Springville, Spanish Fork stretch. HOLY DANG. Will it ever stop!?! Oh probably once I move. The worst part is my family stretches from Saratoga Springs to South Jordan to Farmington and Fruit Heights. So who gets to drive in the lovely construction? Me. An example of how this stupid construction makes my life so much worse is last Wednesday we headed to my sister Nicole's new house in Saratoga Springs. There dishwasher wasn't working and since Eric does that kind of a thing we decided to go out and install their new one that they had ordered (which is an entirely long different story. If you want to read about it and see pictures of there new house head on over to Trevor and Nicole's blog we were driving (not during rush time) and all of a sudden traffic just comes to a complete stop. I quickly look on my phone and see that it is red for miles which usually means an accident. We exit and take the back way to her house which added an extra 30 min to our trip. I was annoyed but not that much because accidents happen and there was nothing I could do about it. But on the drive home I looked over and saw that there was traffic and realized that it wasn't an accident it was dang, darn, freaking construction! They were taking the lanes down from 4 to 2. It's the most frustrating thing in the world. I don't think it would be that bad if it hadn't been almost 5 years of constant construction. CAN IT PLEASE END!? If I move before the construction is over, I will come back when it's finished and do a dance because I will be so happy. 


Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

 I have come to realize that St. Patrick's Day was a lot better when I was younger. My mom would put little green glitter everywhere and tell us that the leprechauns came and that we had to follow the glitter to get to the gold that he left for us (which was usually the gross chocolate gold coins). But it was still exciting. Now that I am older it's just an excuse for people to get drunk and seeings as I don't drink it's just kind of a meh day. I'm sure it will become better when my kids get older and I do things for them.

 But this year it was a very exciting day. My sisters and I decided to take the kids to the Living Planet Aquarium. It was such a blast!! It was so crazy with people since it was raining and a Saturday but it was still fun!

 Waiting in the car for everyone since it was raining.

  I love Trent's face!

 Trent with auntie coley.

It was Trent's first time at an Aquarium and he LOVED it. He could have stayed there all day just staring and pointing at the fish.


The best part was every fish he saw he would say "oooooo" "ooooo" and then point. One time he started gibber jabbering at them and then said "oh wow." It was the funniest thing ever! The cool thing about the Aquarium was they had a jungle part and they had an anaconda! I had never seen one in person before and it was freakin huge! I would shart my pants if I saw that in person. They also had this spider called the "Bird eating spider" and it made me want to die because I kid you not it was bigger than my hand. Spiders just need to all die and go away. They also had penguins and otters. The otters were sleeping so we didn't get to see much of them but the penguins were so fun! They had just fed them so they were diving and going all crazy. Trent was just staring at them in awe of what was happening.

It was such a fun day. I can't imagine what he will do when we take him to the Zoo this Summer. I can't wait!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Month of first's

To say I love warm weather is a HUGE understatement. I can't even begin to describe how much I love Spring and Summer because it means warmth. So when yesterday was predicted to be 60 degrees I almost died with happiness and new I had to get Trent out of the house. Before it got cold Eric and I would take Trent out for walks all the time and since we live seconds away from a pond that has ducks in it we tried to take advantage of the warm weather before it turned butt cold. Trent loved being outside and looking at the ducks, turtles, leaves, cars, grass and everything else. So with yesterday being the first warm day of the season I decided we should take Trent to the park since he had never been. He loved, loved, loved it! The swings were his favorite thing. He was just meh with the slides and when we got down the slide he would take Eric or my hand and pull us towards the swing.  He only lasted about a half an hour because nap time was close but we had so much fun. I can't wait to take him back.

 (I look gross but whateve's)

We had another first with Trent this past month. He had his first real haircut. I hadn't realized how long his hair had gotten until Eric said something. I should have gotten a picture because his hair was getting so long it was heading into mullet territory and even though I think mullet's are fugly Trent was pulling it off pretty well. I was too nervous to cut it so I made Eric do it. I'm not gonna lie, he did a pretty good job. We put Yo Gabba Gabba on (which by the way that show is CRACK for babies I swear. It's so freaking weird) and Eric started clipping away. By the end of it I had to change Trent out of his clothes and put new ones on because there was so much hair. It's crazy to believe he is getting so big that we need to cut his hair now.

I can't believe that in one month our baby will be one! Time is flying by way to fast.