Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm excited for...

Valentine's Day
As you can tell by my decked out blog and it's not even February yet. 
When you are older this holiday to a lot of people means either A) depression as it just reminds you of how single you actually are or B) you have someone but that means fighting the crowds to go to a "romantic" very crowded dinner. I miss the elementary days when Valentine's day meant a class party (which also meant the last part of the day we didn't do any school work) that had sweets of some kind and getting candy from your classmates. 
Although growing up Valentine's day meant one more thing, the best dinner of the year. For dinner on Valentine's day my Mom and Dad would make waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and orange juice. The dinner table would be decked out with Valentine's day decorations and usually with a small present on the dinner plate. I didn't realize how much I loved this tradition until the elementary days were gone and that meant you were "suppose" to have someone on that day. While others were sad and hated the holiday because they didn't have anyone and those who did got all these candies and flowers from there significant other rubbing your face yet again in the fact that you had no one, I couldn't wait to get home. I didn't care that I didn't have someone. I had my dinner that I could count on every year and it was always amazing. This tradition still continues today for whoever is home. Yes I have dragged Eric all the way up to Farmington to partake in this blessed event. I have decided (even if I have all boys and they don't really care) that this tradition will live on in the Monson household. I love that my parents made Valentine's day our own special holiday.
So why I am super excited about Valentine's day this year? I'm not really sure. Maybe it's because Eric and I are going to actually celebrate it. Maybe it's because I love the color pink. Or maybe it's because I can't wait to be a mom. I am so excited for this little guy to come into the world and to give him a life full of love. Or maybe it's because it means candy and sweets as that is really all that drives me these days..well whatever the reason all I know is I am excited! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The princess & the golf clubs


This past week we celebrated my niece JoAnna's 5th birthday and we celebrated Eric's birthday a couple of days early. I can't believe JoAnna is already 5! Time is flying by and it's making me feel like I am taking crazy pills! She is a girl after my own heart having a princess birthday theme this year. She is all girl and got a mini sewing machine, barbie clothes, headphones and new bracelets. We had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday.
For Eric's birthday this year I found a great deal on a set of golf clubs and as Eric bought a set of golf clubs on KSL and then broke them I decided I couldn't pass it up. We decided to celebrate his birthday early as it was easier for everyone. After eating Eric's favorite meal we decided to open presents. We sent him on a scavenger hunt and had the golf clubs hidden in our laundry/storage room area. He was so surprised and could not believe that we had gotten that for him. He was one very happy man! I can't believe he is 27 and I am so thankful that I have him in my life. I don't know what I would do without him. It was so fun seeing him so surprised as I usually blab things because I am really bad at keeping secrets from him. It's always fun when everyone can get together. It's weird to think that Eric's next birthday we will have an almost one year old! Crazy how time flies. Speaking of baby he has been kicking me aaalll the time and he is a really strong kicker which makes it painful at times. It's still really weird to feel him move but I love it. I feel like this baby is a mini me of Eric in a lot of ways but one in particular.
I use to not really be a fan of Reese's or peanut butter m&m's and those are Eric's favorite candies. He loves the chocolate peanut butter combo. Eric got a box full of those candies from my sister Jessica & brother in law Mika. Usually I will have one of those candies and then be done but for real I cannot stop eating them. Not because it's chocolate or because I can eat all the time but because they are just so freaking good! I'm thinking it's just me being pregnant and has nothing to do with the fact that those are Eric's favorite candies but then again who knows. Every time Eric talks to my stomach baby will either move or kick. It's really cute. Baby already knows his daddy's voice. So for being 28 weeks I am feeling great. I find it more annoying to do things as it's harder and I feel like a cow but meh I am healthy so I can't complain!

Monday, January 10, 2011

27 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 27 weeks
Gender: Boy and we are really liking the name Trent
Movement: In the beginning he would kick a lot and then sleep for a while and now it feels like he will kick all day for a couple of days and then sleep for a couple of days. It feels like he is so hyper and then once he gets all his energy out he's exhausted. 
Sleep: I have really bad leg cramps and so if the pain doesn't wake me up the turning from side to side does.
What I miss: Sleeping through the night without waking up and sleeping on my stomach.
Cravings: Lately it has been pizza, chocolate doughnuts and chocolate. Mmmm
Symptoms: Other than my leg cramps I haven't really had anything. I had heartburn once a while back and it felt like I was having a heart attack! It sucked.
Best Moment this week: getting his room put together.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas/New years

So I am a little behind on my blogging because of the trip we took to southern California for Christmas and New years. This year we were able to get 2 weeks off of work and I still cannot believe how fast the 2 weeks went. We arrived in southern Cal and for the next 4 days all it did was rain. I didn't mind it at all considering I am use to snow for winter weather and it was a nice excuse to cozy up next to the fire and get warm. I feel like such a bum whenever we go down to Eric's for a vacation because we usually never go anywhere except for the beach because all we want to do is relax and visit with family. Which is why there is a huge lack of pictures. I also didn't want to take any pictures A) because I feel like a fatty B) because I was stuffing my face almost 24/7 which made me feel even more like a fatty and C) I was lazy. Christmas came and went way to fast as it always does and I got a lot of wonderful things as I hope all of you did as well. 
The second week was a little more sunny which made it feel like good old southern cal but it only lasted a couple of days. I had wanted to go to the beach but because of all the rain and flooding that was going on the ocean water was brown and nasty also due to a sewer pipeline that had burst which got swept into the ocean. Eeww. Icky I know. We spent a lot of time hanging out, playing games and going into town. Eric's dad is in a band and is super good at the guitar so New Year's Eve we went to a party that his dads band was playing at and our little boy started moving and a groovin to Grandpa Monson's tunes! He is already an active boy but during the time while we were there he was kicking more than I have ever felt him. He sure loved it! New Year's day was spent taking family pictures. We took them at two locations. One was at a really cool park and the other was at the beach. Not in the water obviously but on the rocks and by a pier. I am excited to see how they turned out and to see how big I look in them! As soon as we get them back I'll post them, as long as I don't look to much like a heffer! Now we are back and I have Eric's birthday to focus on. I love California but it is nice to be back in my own bed!

The view from Eric's house.