Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm back!

Whew! I have been gone for a reeealllly long time. Sorry about that folks. As you all know I am preggers (if not guess what, I'm pregnant!) so yeah I basically have been super duper tired which meant no blogging. Because It has been such a long time I'll give you a quick update.

Had Thanksgiving with my fam this year and it was just great. I have realized that I Thanksgiving is a little anti climatic for me now. I don't really like turkey (I would so rather have a steak with a-1 sauce) mash potatoes are meh, don't really love stuffing, don't like green bean casserole, don't like canned yams, don't like sweet potatoes. Basically the best part is the homemade grandma rolls.And I don't like pie at all.  So I enjoy Thanksgiving more for hanging out with the fam. It was a good Thanksgiving though.  Nothing exciting to report.

It was our turn to go to Eric's fam for Christmas this year and so we decided, since Eric hadn't been home in over a year and he had three weeks off for school, to go to Cali for three weeks. I was a little nervous about the amount of time just because of Trent. He really loves his bed so I was thinking he wasn't going to sleep at all but he actually slept really well so everything turned out great on that end. It was nice to relax and not have to worry about whiny tenants calling me or bugging me every second. Trent loved running around, seeing the dogs and going in the spa with Papa. Christmas was amazing and It was so much fun seeing Trent's reaction to things because he could express himself so much more than last year. I am so excited for next year because he will actually understand who Santa is. Cali was amazing and it's always so hard to leave but after three weeks I was ready for my house and my bed. 

This is what Santa gave Trent. A chewie stuffed animal. In the bottom left pic he's giving chewie kisses.

T helping Papa put in a palm tree. 

We got back home and hit the ground running! Apparently while we were gone there were huge snow storms and apparently our snow plow services for the parking lots didn't come so that was real fun to deal with + plus all the work I had to do + plus eric starting school + me being pregnant= a VERY tired me. But it was only about two weeks of being pretty hectic and then things started to level out. The next big event was Eric's 29th birthday. The man is old. But he's a hottie. I didn't do an epic Star Wars theme like last year. Instead I did a princess theme because I thought it would be funny and it was. I don't think Eric liked it as much as the Star Wars (obvi) but the dollar store doesn't really give you much to work with. He had a wonderful birthday and got everything he wanted. (Sorry if it bugs some people that I don't list what we get for birthdays/christmas but I find it tacky. I don't really need a list of everything other people always get. No, it's not that I can't be happy for other people but like for real I don't need to know/read every time other people get something they want. Rant over). January was over before I knew it and now we are onto the busiest month of the year for me. Contract signing month! I apologize in advance if I don't blog this month because it is sssooo crazy busy but I will try rrreeeallllly hard. 

Now onto pregnancy stuff..

Yep. My ego is prego. It's a little (by like 6 months) closer than I wanted but refer to the "struggles" post about our pregnancy journey and why we decided to get pregnant now. I found out I was pregnant in Nov. Just in time to be sick for Thanksgiving. yaaay, NOT. I was not sick with Trent at all. I felt yucky one day but that was it. With this one I was really, really nauseous in the first trimester and on the day we flew to California I threw up. Talk about not fun. The nausea didn't get worse, thankfully, but didn't get better. Then around week 8, in cali, the smells really started to get to me and I just was really not happy. I had heard that being sick was a good sign because it meant you were "really" pregnant but it still sucked so bad. Eric and I were really excited but cautious because of the miscarriage before so when I heard the heartbeat when we got back from Cali it was such a sigh of relief. Things really started feeling better around 13 weeks. The biggest thing that has kind of sucked is with Trent I didn't really show until like 17 weeks but with this one I like instantly showed but it just looked like I ate way too many burgers. So since the beginning I have basically just looked fat and not pregnant. I am kind of over this in between stage and just want to show already. You all know what I am talking about. You look at a girl and you think oh is she just fat or is she pregnant? Yeah I have been stuck in that since the beginning. It's really lame. Hopefully I'll just pop someday soon. I am almost 16 weeks so..any day now. As for what I want this one to be I am kind of wanting another boy. I really enjoy Trent even though he has a TON of energy. I am loving the football, baseball, trucks, trains stage. But having a girl would be fun I'm sure. Then after that I don't want any more girls. Just want one. I think the biggest difference I have been able to tell with this one, other than being sick in the beginning, is I am WWWAAAAAYYYY more irritated. I get irritated so unbelievably fast. I feel really bad and because I know I get irritated really fast I try extra hard to work on it but sometimes It gets the better of me. It just happens. But I am excited to have another lil babe around because my number 1 is growing up so fast! I'm not looking forward to the no sleep nights, especially since it's so easy with trent now but It will all be worth it!
 This is basically how I feel all the time. My poor hubby. He's such a trooper.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The story of Eric and I

I'm not sure how many people know the story of how Eric and I got together. I'm not sure how many of you care or if anyone reads this but I thought it might be fun to tell. It might be long so I apologize. I'll try and condense as much as I can without leaving anything important out.

When I was 19 I decided to move to Provo, UT because it was time to be out on my own and Utah is cheap.  I moved into the Riviera Apartments and I was so excited to be on my own and not have to worry about my Mom and Dad wondering what I was doing and where I was. I am not gonna lie, back then I was a HUGE flirt. Don't judge. It was so fun, which made living on my own that much better. HAHA. I went to church with my roommates that first Sunday and I don't remember seeing Eric at all. I think I was overwhelmed with the experience and I was trying to take it all in.

So the first time I can remember Eric was at ward prayer during that first fall semester. Someone was announcing that something was going on in their apartment ( I think) and then I remember Eric saying something to the extent of "you can only come over if you're hot." After he said that I totally thought he was arrogant and superficial which are like my biggest pet peeves in guys. Of course he was joking but at the time I didn't know him well enough to know he was.

A couple of months passed and I didn't see much of Eric and I didn't think much of his comment. I had found out a girl I knew from back home had decided to move to Utah and needed a roommate. She had bought a contract at the Riv in the same ward in an apartment that was 2 stories above mine. We moved in together and a couple of weeks after (I think) one of Eric's roommates (those details are a little foggy) asked us to watch Pride and Prejudice with him and Eric. I was a little hesitant on going but went anyway. We went over and watched the movie on their love sack. During the movie we were talking and laughing and the first thing I thought was hey.. this Eric kid is really funny and he has a really funny distinct laugh. The movie ended and I decided to get up and as I did I rolled off the love sack and kneed Eric right in the balls. It wasn't just a brush it was, I hit him so dead on he couldn't talk for a while. Talk about awkward.

After that night (I think) my roommate and I went over and watched movies with Eric on the love sack for like 2 weeks straight. I am not gonna lie, I get bored easily and after doing that every night I was like okay well that was fun but I'm over it. I think Eric caught on to that and one night he texted me and asked me if I wanted to go to the library with him. He had to do something really fast for school and said it would take like 15min or so. I went and we ended up being there for like 2 hours and we were in the basement of the library which meant no cell service. (Little did I know, he totally did that on purpose. He said he wanted me all to himself because he said I was always on my phone, not true!) He felt really bad so he took me to Leatherby's to get ice cream as an apology. Eric says that was our first date but I don't think so. Then a week (I think) later he asked me out on what I consider to be our first date. He took me to a BYU concert and during the concert he leaned over and said to me "at some point throughout this date I'm going to put my arm around you" TALK ABOUT MAKING A GIRL NERVOUS!! So I was sitting there anxiously waiting for him to do it not knowing when he would and it felt like forever but he finally did. At that moment I realized how much I loved how blunt he was. I hated the dating games and never was good at it so he was really refreshing.
This next part is confusing. After that date I knew I liked Eric and he obviously liked me but I kind of freaked out and didn't want to date him exclusively because that's what I thought he wanted (which wasn't) and I still wanted the freedom to flirt. I know I'm a terrible person. So Eric and I decided to have a mini dtr and after that talk we didn't talk for a couple of days because I told him I didn't want to date him, meaning exclusively (yes I should have clarified). In that time I realized that Eric was so different than anyone I had ever dated and I really liked him so why not take a chance. Not knowing he wanted to date me and other people I go over and tell him I would like to date him. He then thought I meant exclusive which is not what I meant. Could we say miss-communications! After he told me he didn't want to date me (because now he was thinking I meant exclusive) we didn't talk. So I started to kind of date someone else and Eric did the same thing. Neither relationships were exclusive just a fun fling. After about three weeks the fling I had ended and on the day I was having issues Eric texted me randomly asking if I was doing okay. I texted him back saying I had been better and he then asked if he could come over and talk to me about it. I said sure and we talked for 2 hours. It was so nice having Eric back in my life.

The next couple of months Eric would come over and talk to me about his girl drama. I would give him my advice and then we would talk for hours about anything and everything. He became my best friend and I always looked forward to talking to him. Winter semester ended and I moved back home to get ready to be an EFY counselor. The day before I was suppose to leave Eric's sister got married. He had invited me to go to the reception with him and I of course said yes. I was suuupppperr nervous to meet his family especially since we weren't even dating. We get there and his mom and I started talking. I asked her where she was from and she said Oregon. I then proceeded to ask her where in Oregon and she said Forrest Grove. I thought hmm weird that's where my mom is from. I told her that and then she asked me who my mom was and it ended up that my mom and his mom totally grew up together. My Grandma had been Eric's moms seminary teacher and our mother's had been in the same piano class together. The craziest thing is that I later found out that in one of my mom's scrapbooks there was a picture of his mom and my mom together at one of their piano recitals. Talk about small world.

A couple of weeks later while I was at EFY I freaked out. I called Eric up and told him I didn't want to talk to him or see him when I got back. I know I know what a jerk Chelsea. I was just not ready to get married and at that point I could see myself marrying him. I did love him and I think that's what freaked me out the most. I obviously handled it the wrong way and completely ruined our relationship. Or so I thought.

 I don't remember how but after that we started talking again. I don't know how he did but he forgave me and we started to rebuild what I had crushed. We talked the remainder of my time at EFY and things returned to the way they were before I was crazy. I then returned home and was so excited to see him but couldn't because he had gone home to California for a couple of weeks. After 3 long weeks we finally were able to see each other. It was the best day and kiss of my life. That day we decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend and I couldn't have been happier. We dated for 7 months before he proposed. Then on August 9, 2008 we were married in the San Diego temple. He is my match in every way. He is my everything and I couldn't imagine my forever without him. I love every minute I am with him and am so thankful for the wonderful man his is. I am so lucky.

I apologize if this is blunt and to the point but If I gave you guys the real version with drama and everything involved, this would have to be in like 3 posts! Hope you guys enjoyed our story!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I left my heart in San Fransisco

Last weekend part of my family (Jamie couldn't go because of just having a newborn and Josh doesn't like the 49ers, LAME) went to San Fransisco to go to a 49er game! This all happened because one Sunday, about a month and a half ago, I was thinking that It would be fun to go to one last game before Jessica moves to Maui this summer. I called Jess and told her my idea which she instantly loved and we started looking at tickets to see if there was a game on a weeknight and if we would be able to afford tickets. Luck had it that they were playing the Seattle Seahawks on a Thursday night and it just happened to be UEA weekend. (For those non Utah folk that's basically a weekend where kids in school get a Thur and Fri off because teachers are doing something those days). We called up our good family friends Mike and Kari Berejkoff that live in the area who are actually basically family (my Dad grew up with them), asked if they wanted to go and they did so we booked the tickets and prepared to go.

It was so fun to walk all around San Fran with the Berejkoff's and then go to the game. I wish we still lived close to them! It was so fun to be there and experience a football game live. If anyone who loves football and hasn't gone to a live game, you need to go! It's such a fun experience. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun and was so glad we went.  I am especially happy that they are building a new stadium cause Candlestick is old school!

The game was on Thursday and then on Friday we decided to head to Apple Hill since we were kind of in the area. I absolutely LOVE Apple Hill. I love all the vendors that come and all the food that they have! The best carmel apple I have ever had is called Apple my Apple from Abel's Acres. IT IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD! It is a carmel apple (obviously) with white fudge and cinnamon. It sounds simple but for real, it is the best thing. They also have the best pies and apple doughnuts. I sure do miss my home area and everything about it but it was a fun, short visit. Next time I hope I can bring Eric and Trent with me on these adventures!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


If you really knew me....

You would know that I hate feet, especially my own, which is why I love socks. I wear socks everyday all the time and cannot fall asleep without having them on.

 You would know that I love to travel. My dream is to travel all through Europe. 

You would know that I love reality T.V. My love of reality t.v. started with The Hills, even though I am pretty sure that show wasn't really "real".

You would know I have this really huge fear of sharks and I will not go in the ocean deeper than my ankles. I blame the movie Jaws for this fear. 

You would know that I love pizza. I could eat it every week and one time (on a dare) I ate a WHOLE large pizza hut pizza without throwing up.

You would know that my biggest pet peeve of all time is people who are cocky. I hate people who take a million pictures of themselves and then say "I look so good today". There is nothing wrong with being confident but telling everyone every day that you look sooo good and then taking a picture of it is going a little too far. 

You would know my favorite candy is Milk Duds. I could eat those things every day.

You would know that one of my favorite movies is You've Got Mail. Such a timeless classic. 

You would know that I really like white, straight teeth. Weird, I know.

You would know that I can make a face like Mad Madame Mim on Disney's The Sword and the Stone. Yes, I am kind of a freak. 

You would know I have a cat voice and my sister Jessica can do the same exact cat voice.

You would know that I hate inconsiderate people. I am not saying I am the best at this but I really, really try to be considerate of other people. 

You would know I love Disneyland more than I can ever express  I don't need a  map anymore because I have gone so many times I know where everything is.

You would know that I am a huge people pleaser. Which  is funny because with my job, not everyone will be happy with me. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Once again I have been a terrible blogger but I haven't really been in the mood to blog and I will tell you why. 

I am a more private person so when I struggle in life I tend not to talk to anyone about it except Eric (obviously), maybe my family and some close friends. I don't like to feel like people should listen to my problems or what I am going through because they are probably going through some hard times as well so who am I to be a downer and make life harder for them. But this last thing has been a little harder for me to handle. For people who don't follow my blog Eric and I were not planning on having Trent. He was a very big (wonderful) accident. So I just assumed that when we did start to try and have baby #2, it wouldn't be hard/take us very long since we seemed to be just fine in that department. I didn't want to start trying for baby #2 until March of this year or around that time because those of you who know Trent know he is A LOT. He just has so much energy and I love it, but at times can be exhausting. I figured if we started trying for baby #2 around March and if we were to get pregnant right off the bat, they would be around 3 years apart. Sounds wonderful to me.

But things don't always happen how I would want them to. Long story short, Eric and I decided Trent needed a sibling closer than 3 years apart. So since the beginning of July we have been trying. Yes, I realize that I just basically announced to the world that I am having a lot of sex but you will get over it. (I always hated those people who would tell others they were trying because you just told everyone that you are doing the dirty a lot and no one wants to hear that.) Anyway, the hard part about this is I am not a 28 day gal for my periods. They have always been sporadic and that has made the process harder than I expected. The worst part about this process (which no one ever told me about) is it is basically a waiting game. Have lots of sex, oh but don't be stressed out, try and plan out which days I think I might be ovulating while at the same time trying to make our sex life interesting and not just a chore and then wait and hope you are pregnant and then if it doesn't happen do it all over again the next month. The other part to this is I am a member of a family which means my life in many ways does not revolve around me. There are people and things to consider and since I try not to be a selfish person I take those things into account which makes the pressure worse even though I have everyone around me saying "don't plan your life around others".  Easier said than done.

So we played the waiting game for 2 months and finally I found out I was pregnant. Oh how exciting! But at the same time I was cautious. With Trent we told people right away when I was 5 weeks. Never a doubt in my mind that anything would go wrong but for some reason with this pregnancy I wanted to wait until 10 weeks to tell the world. We told our family and some really close friends but that was it. One morning I called my mom because I was so anxious about miscarrying for some reason. Something just didn't feel right but after talking to my mom, she reassured me and made me feel a ton better (that's what mom's are for right?) The next day Trent got really sick with hand, foot and mouth and we had to take him to the doc that night because he had a fever of 104.4 with Ibuprofen in him. The doc advised pigybacking Tyelonol with Ibuprofen every three hours since his fever was so high and she didn't want to know what would happen if the medicine wore off. So, that night, I woke up every three hours to give Trent some medicine. The next morning my Mom came down to help with me Trent since I was exhausted and he was really not feeling well. I went to go take a nap and woke up to some cramping which isn't usually a reason for concern. I got up and went to the bathroom and found that I was bleeding. The realization hit that I was having a miscarriage. 

The rest of the week was a range of emotions that follows with a miscarriage. I would be fine one moment and then the next bawling. I felt like I had done something wrong or that it was my fault even though I know there was nothing I could do. I was 5 weeks when I miscarried. These past couple of months have not been easy for me. It's been hard to go through the process of trying, succeeding and then losing. It can be a really defeating process and the thought of going through this all again is a little daunting at times. It's hard to not wonder if there is something wrong with me or if we can have any more kids. Maybe Trent was a miracle. Those thoughts are always in the back of my mind but I try really hard to not let them get me down. I think the biggest reason why I am taking this so hard is, I never thought It would happen to me. I always assumed that since Trent was an accident that I would get pregnant right off the bat and everything would be just roses and candy and everything would work out perfectly. I for, some reason, didn't think it would be this involved or this hard. Joke's on me I guess. 

I don't usually share things this personal with the world but I felt, for some reason, that I needed to. I know things will get better and hopefully easier.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Sorry for being m.i.a peeps! I really have no excuse. I have just been lazy and since it's been a while I figured it was time for an update. After the 4th of July the next exciting thing was celebrating my niece Kaena's 2nd birthday. We all went up to Jessica and Mika's house to celebrate and it was so fun. She is so adorable and is ALL girl. I just love it.

Then the very next weekend (August 5th) was my birthday. This year, since my birthday was on a Sunday, I decided to celebrate it on Saturday. I met up with my Mom, sisters and our close family friend Alex at Sephora and got my makeup done and as presents to me from my family, they bought me makeup. Then we went shopping and I finally got 2 new pairs of jeans that I desperately needed. Then after that we went to dinner at Cheesecake factory. I love how many options you have there and figured it would be a good place to go to fit everyone's needs

I wanted a group picture but Jamie was being a stinker and wouldn't.

On my actual birthday my parents came down and we had a little bbq and had a fun time relaxing and watching the olympics. Originally, the plan was to have no one come down on Sunday because I felt like making people drive twice would be unfair and no one besides my parents were suppose to come, but Jessica, Nicole and Trevor ended up making it down. It was such a fun time and a great way to spend my 25th birthday.

The following Thursday (August 9th) was our anniversary. 5 years of being together and 4 years of marriage. How crazy time flies! We ended up not being able to actually celebrate it on our day because of work but decided to celebrate it on the 13th because that was a day that my Mom could watch Trent. But before that we celebrated my Dad's birthday on the 11th of August. We drove up and had a fun day spending time with family. Can't believe how old my dad is! haha. Then came the day to celebrate our anniversary. We dropped Trent off (without him caring at all because he loves g-ma) and walked around City Creek which is really really nice! I love the views of the Temple. It's really pretty. Then we went and saw the movie Prometheus at the dollar theater in Sugarhouse and it was amazing!! It shouldn't have been rated R though. There was nothing in it. But it was a really good movie and Eric loved it. Then we headed to Salt Lake to eat at Tucano's. I eat like a MAN when I go there. I just love it so much. Such good food. I originally wanted to go to the Roof Resturant at the top of the Joseph Smith Buidling but then decided 2 things. The first was, I didn't really want to pay 41.00 a plate for a buffet. The second was, I heard the portions are tiny and I say boo to paying a lot to get nothing. I would rather eat at Red Robin or some place like that than pay a ton for food and get nothing.


Our day was amazing and I love Eric so much. I am so blessed to have him in my life and to have him put up with me because I am not the easiest sometimes. He is such a hard worker and is the best dad to Trent. He is my best friend and I love that I can be a freak with him and he just smiles or rolls his eyes. 

And to top off the life happenings, today around 6:00p.m. I became an auntie again to a beautiful little girl. I am so excited for Mike and Lisa, now all they have to do is name her! haha. Congrats you guys!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Stars and Strips

YES I know this post is 2 days late but oh well. 

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holiday's. We always end up doing something really fun and this year was no disappointment. This year my Dad, brother and I signed up to run the Freedom run 5k. The night before I was really getting amped up for the race and wanted to get some good sleep so I would have enough energy to run. PROBLEM. I live right on 800 N which is a main street and with people camping out for the parade that meant A LOT of cars/motorcycles driving and then fireworks were going off all night so I basically got like 5 hours of sleep. Oh well. I woke up on the 4th, tried to force myself to eat a protein bar (I never eat that early so my body's not use to it) and then my dad, Josh and I headed right out my front door to where the race began. Pretty convienent. Although last year I wanted to rip the freedom race apart because they put the speakers right outside my front door and blasted their music which totally woke Trent up and he was only 3 months so yeah I was pissed. Anywho, we went to where they had the 10 min mile runners and waited for the race to begin. Now, don't be judging. Yeah I am not a fast runner BUT my time has been improving. When I first ran 3 miles my time was around 35 mins but I have been able to get it down to around 32. So the announcers counted down and we were off! I started out pretty strong and felt really great. It was awesome to see all the different people dressed up in red, white and blue costumes. I didn't really start feeling tired until 2.5 miles. The last part of the race was up a hill and the stupid girl I am didn't train on hills so I was a little nervous I would have to stop. But when I would look to my left and see freaking 8 year olds zooming past me or look to my right and see fatty's making it up the hill I knew I couldn't stop. I pushed and finally made it to the end and got my personal best of 31.19 mins! I was pretty stoked especially since I am not use to hills. It was such a cool experience to run it with my dad and my bro. Well actually, Josh is a much faster runner than my dad and I so he didn't really run with us at all. But I loved every minute of it and want to train for the 10k next year! 

That's us before the race!

After the race was over my Dad and I met up with family friends and watched the Provo Parade. Then after that was over we met up with my Sister's Jessica and Nicole to walk around the booths. I always love Provo during the 4th because they always have so much going on. Then after I was sweating in many, many, places we decided to head home. We rested for a while and then headed up to Jessica's for a bbq. I unfortunately didn't get to see any fireworks this year because I was POOPED. I also had to put Trent down to bed but it was such a fantastic day. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday as well!