Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hey guys sorry I have been M.I.A. but life has been a little crazy! With vacations, work and Trent my life has been going at such a fast pace that I haven't had time to blog. So here is a quick update. 

Oregon was AMAZING! I had forgotten how green it is and I loved loved every moment of it. Burgerville was as good as everyone said it was and Camp 18's cinnamon rolls really were as big as my face. While we were up there we went to a lake house and on the way we stopped at the Tillamook cheese factory which wasn't as fun as it could have been just because we think Trent has a food allergy to dairy which meant I couldn't eat any cheese or ice cream :( BUT I was able to eat this really yummy raspberry sorbet. The things we do for our kids.. Any who..the lake house was such a blast! Besides Trent not sleeping well (that is an entirely different story) it was so nice to just relax. We hung out, rented ski doo's and played games. I haven't been on a ski doo in like a billion years so it was way exciting. Eric and I decided when we are billionaires we are going to own some. The week defiantly went by way to fast and before we knew it we were home. Here are some pictures of the trip!

It doesn't look as big as it is in person. 

 LOVE this face.

About 6 days after we got back from Oregon off we went to Cali for Eric's little brother's mission farwell. Troy got called to the Fukuoka, Japan mission. It was really special to be there and support Troy. He gave a wonderful talk and we miss him already. While we were there Trent had his first experience with swimming and he LOVED it. He could have stayed in the water all day if we would have let him. It was also Trent's first time at the beach. It was overcast and cold so unfortunately he wasn't able to feel the sand but it's just an excuse to go back.

By the end of our Cali vacation, I'll admit, I was ready to come home. Vacationing isn't the same with kids. Its just as wonderful but a little more exhausting and with our vacations so close together it was nice to be in our own beds and back to the usual routines. After all the vacations work was a little insane and finally life is starting to settle down a bit. I am sad that summer is ending especially since it's my favorite time of the year but I am ssoo excited for football, Halloween and Christmas. Trent has his 5 month check up and second round of shots so a Trent update will be coming soon!